Conference service

When every detail determines
the success of your meetings ...


Every detail of the conference hall in its place, confirmed by years of experience. On the big screen, you can easily display chart charts, laser guidance to help you. Your new corporate movie or promotional material, as well as any material, can be seen and heard beautifully in the walls of the 16th century. Every speaker will hear, we have radio microphones and clever assistants.

Ukrainian producers immediately offered to make the Shink Conference Room an outstanding, significant place for presentations and press lunches for journalists. The first testers were our respectable partners, the hawkers . Match is perfect, we agree. And the benefits of the room are best suited to the tasks of different group meetings.

We are accustomed to being a special partner for companies and businesses who are interested in introducing foreign partners to the work of the Ukrainian office. We are proud when dating from Ukraine starts with the highest quality national dishes.

For agencies who meet with a bunch of potential clients every day, they brainstorm, present creative ideas, new brands and logos, start-ups and entrepreneurs who need to submit their new project to a future investor, call the Hank firmly to find out about the "Presentations and talks".

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