Get special delicacies for your holiday table is at Shynok

Surely, you’ve already decided how to decorate the Christmas tree. No worries allowed about Christmas dinner table! We’ll help you at Shynok restaurant. Wait to go to bazaar or supermarket, visit us for a dinner first. Taste our delicacies and shop at Gastrolavka for the coming holidays. Order boiled pork, homemade sausages and delicate pancakes, and celebrate New Year in the traditional Ukrainian way!

Even if you’re not celebrating at home, it makes sense to have a family branch on January 1st. Order more dumplings with meat, cottage cheese or berries. There is a whole year ahead, so you still have time to cook. And homemade dumplings from Shynok craftswomen, will be cooked quickly and eaten with a great pleasure.

It is also advisable to take care of gifts for relatives and friends. First of all, congratulate them on New Year and Christmas. Don’t come empty-handed, since you could fill a gift basket in Gastrolavka. Among other delicacies, put there a bottle or two of homemade tinctures. And maybe a couple of pieces of Ukrainian salo with red and black spices should be collected by you as well. There is no excuse to do not drink a shot of tasty tincture with the most traditional Ukrainian snack!

Gastrolavka delicacies are buying up too fast, so don’t delay your shopping until the last minute. Order a dinner or lunch at a restaurant to see the exceptional quality of our services. Order meat delicacies, dumplings and pancakes for Christmas table and treat your guests with your favorite meals.

Make a reservation at Shynok. We are looking forward to your visit soon.

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