Restaurant-legend Shynok

Something becomes very fashionable, something goes out of style and something is for ages such as traditional Ukrainian meals, excellent service and soulful hospitality. Those are three pillars restaurant-legend Shynok based on. And we are happy to invite you to our place in downtown of the city of Kyiv. 

5 bright and spacious halls offer a great place to the guests and one of them is perfectly fitted for the holding of conferences and banquets. By the way, you could get a discount on the occasion of your birthday or a professional holiday and get all necessary equipment such as microphones, the projector and large screen. There are warm colors decoration, comfortable furniture and so many details more, those make this place so cosy and leave the feeling that you’re visiting your best friends. 

What do we offer you in Shynok? The fresh eyes of our Chef on the traditional Ukrainian cuisines take guests to the endless circle of gastronomic pleasure. But the perfection is hidden in the simple things. Our skilled women make different types of dumplings according to old-fashioned family recipe, hand made of fresh soft dough.  You could try it at restaurant or buy at our small gourmet shop to cook at home. There is also a lot of delicacies, such as homemade tinctures, farm meat and even authentic Ukrainian souvenirs for modern art admirers in our gourmet shop. 

Long story, it would be better to come and see for once. When you came to Shynok, pay attention to the symbol of restaurant – Malva the cow and whisper your wish into her ear. The word is that she makes dreams come true.